The Searches Tab


Alerts are sent when and event is detected for an item or store you follow.

At the top you will see our featured searches, we’ve collected out most popular searches and made them easy to follow.

Restocks also allows you to save your own searches so you only get notified when the specific items you care about release, restock or go on sale.

Restock alerts are currently based on keywords, so type a keyword into the search bar at the top of the screen and hit “done”

From here you can see the results for your search, tapping on an item will take you to the item details page

You also have the option to save your search so that you will get alerted to future events in the future.


Tapping the “Save this search” button will open the Refine Search menu where you can customize your search.

Get Notified When - choose if you want new releases, restocks, sales or any combination of the three.

Get Notified For - select the sizes you want to be notified for, leave blank if you want all notifications

Get Notified From- you can select or deselect stores you would like notifications to come from for specific searches.

Tap save in the top right corner and your search will appear in a list on the Account tab.

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